VP Globe Glass pendant lamp


Full of futuristic sense, VP Globe Glass pendant lamp has five reflectors inside to create light reflection, which is like cosmic rays, bring you into the outer space.

  • dia 40cm x h 40cm
  • white
  • gold

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VP Globe Glass pendant lamp

Pendant luminaire with five aluminium reflectors. Verner Panton's VP Globe radiates futurism like no other light. Created in 1969, the year of the first moon landing, the design of the lamp illustrates the world's new belief in technology and the future. In the midst of this atmosphere of departure and inspired by the thought of a new era, Verner Panton designed the VP Globe. Controllability, transparency and colourfulness are the main features of the VP Globe. The acrylic glass sphere acts like an air bubble from which the light emerges. Inside the sphere, a total of five reflectors are suspended on three steel threads. These surround the centrally located light source. In this way, the VP Globe not only provides soft, pleasant and balanced room lighting, but also shows Verner Panton's feeling for technical aspects, materials and the interplay of possibilities in a unique way. "Color planning is crucial in the design of an environment. It is not enough to say that red is red and blue is blue. I generally work with the colors of the color spectrum in parallel and consider how they follow each other within the spectrum. This allows me to control the warm or cold character of a room and create an intended mood," says Verner Panton about the interplay of colours in design. Although playing with colour temperatures and light colours is no longer a rarity in today's world and with modern lighting systems, the VP Globe pendant luminaire illustrates the mechanical and optical interplay of light, light colours and room moods in a unique way. In addition, the classic luminaire enriches every environment with its clear acrylic glass shade and the technical and cool-looking aluminium reflectors and attracts all eyes.

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VP Globe Glass pendant lamp Size

  • Size: Dia 40cm x H 40cm/ ∅ 15.8″ x H 15.8″
  • VP Globe Glass pendant lamp

VP Globe Glass pendant lamp Details

  • Material: Metal / Aluminuml /Glass
  • Light source: E27
  • Power: Max 60W
  • Weight: 3kg/ 6.6lbs
  • Finishes: White, Gold, Chrome
  • Glass Options: Clear
  • Process: Polishing, Electroplating, Baking paint,Blown glass
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide a wire length of 150cm/59", which can be lengthened upon request
  • VP Globe Glass pendant lamp    VP Globe Glass pendant lamp
Product Details
99999 Items

Data sheet

sizeDia 40cm x H 40cm

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