Copper Creative Wall Lamp

  • w 17cm x h 18cm
  • w 23cm x h 48cm
  • w 36cm x h 46cm

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Copper Creative Wall Lamp

Copper Creative Wall Lamp is a distinctive and novel design.With different shape of the lamp,the lamp is like a drop,a star or the antlers.It is made of high-quality copper and glass materials,and the finish of it is copper. Designer creates it sincerely by using the high-ranking materials and considerate thought.According to different cute shapes, when people see this lamp, they will feel very pleasant visually. Without the cumbersome lampshade design, the frosted glass design makes this lamp still bright, comfortable and not irritating, easily creating a warm family atmosphere, and it is also safe and environmentally friendly. Copper Creative Wall Lamp has one specifications,which can be hanged individually.It is an ideal choice for bedroom,living room,restaurant,dining areas and so on. When Copper Creative Wall Lamp is hung on the wall, it emits a warm and comfortable light, which is another unique sight. As a functional lamp, it will add luster to your dining table and will definitely leave a deep impression on your guests and make the comfortable atmosphere for you.
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Copper Creative Wall Lamp Size

  • Drop shape: W 23cm x H 48cm/∅ 9.06″ x H 18.90″
  • Star shape: W 36cm x H 46cm/∅ 14.17″ x H 18.11″
  • Antlers shape: W 17cm x H 18cm/∅ 6.69″ x H 7.09″
  • Copper Creative Wall Lamp

Copper Creative Wall Lamp Details

  • Material:  Copper,Glass
  • Light source:  E27
  • Power: Max 40W
  • Process:Forging
  • Finishes:  Copper
  • We provide  150 cm / 59” wires . Can be extended upon request
  • Copper Creative Wall Lamp   Copper Creative Wall Lamp
Product Details

Data sheet

sizeW 17cm x H 18cm
W 23cm x H 48cm
W 36cm x H 46cm
styleAntlers shape
Drop shape
Star shape

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