Acrylic LED Chandeliers

We use acrylic plasticity, embedded light guide bar to make it evenly glow, hand forged steel and other authentic materials, with surprising modern design and careful attention to detail.Appropriate lighting can create an atmosphere in that place. Decorative lights can also make the area obvious in the culture we are about to express. Acrylic LED Chandeliers is popular with the public for its special design style. Ideal for living room and bedroom. You can choose the products you want according to your needs.

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Acrylic LED Chandeliers Size

Model A size

  • 4heads size: Dia 121cm  x H 120cm/ ∅ 47.6″ x H 47.2″ (32W)
  • 5heads size: Dia 121cm  x H 120cm/ ∅ 47.6″ x H 47.2″ (40W)
  • 6heads size: Dia 69cm  x H 63cm/ ∅ 27.2″ x H 24.8″ (48W)
  • 8heads size: Dia 81cm  x H 63cm/ ∅ 31.9″ x H 24.8″ (64W)
  • 12heads size: Dia 104cm  x H 73cm/ ∅ 41″ x H 28.7″ (96W)
  • Acrylic LED Chandeliers

Model B size

  • 6heads size: Dia 96cm  x H 67cm/ ∅ 37.8″ x H 26.4″ (48W)
  • 8heads size: Dia 96cm  x H 67cm/ ∅ 37.8″ x H 26.4″ (64W)
  • 10heads size: Dia 116cm  x H 67cm/ ∅ 45.7″ x H 26.4″ (80W)
  • 12heads size: Dia 116cm  x H 67cm/ ∅ 45.7″ x H 26.4″ (96W)
  • Acrylic LED Chandeliers

Model C size

  • 6heads size: Dia 76cm  x H 60cm/ ∅ 29.9″ x H 23.6″ (48W)
  • 8heads size: Dia 76cm  x H 67cm/ ∅ 29.9″ x H 26.4″ (64W)
  • 9heads size: Dia 76cm  x H 67cm/ ∅ 29.9″ x H 26.4″ (72W)
  • 12heads size: Dia 90cm  x H 67cm/ ∅ 35.4″ x H 26.4″ (96W)
  • 15heads size: Dia 100cm  x H 67cm/ ∅ 39.4″ x H 26.4″ (120W)
  • Acrylic LED Chandeliers

Acrylic LED Chandeliers Details

  • Material: Metal/Acrylic
  • Light source: LED chips
  • Power: 8 W  (Warm white and Cold white optional)
  • Weight: 2kg/ 4.4 lbs
  • Finishes: Black
  • Process: Polishing, Baking paint
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide a splicable suspension rod with a splicing length of 50cm / 19.7 ″, which can be lengthened according to requirements.
  • Acrylic LED Chandeliers    Acrylic LED Chandeliers
Product Details

Data sheet

sizeModel A 4heads
Model A 5heads
Model A 6heads
Model A 8heads
Model A 12heads
Model B 6heads
Model B 8heads
Model B 10heads
Model B 12heads
Model C 6heads
Model C 8heads
Model C 9heads
Model C 12heads
Model C 15heads
light sourceCold white
Warm white

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