Colgante Air 73

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Air 73 Pendant

The contemporary geometric style beautifully showcases its airy and elegant features, a knockout design that would instantly add a modern Scandi aesthetic to your mid-century décor. With six transparent glass spheres sitting on a right angle black-lacquered steel structure, Air 73 Pendant is truly an outstanding piece. Combining the black metal structure with these clear spherical bulbs, the Air suspension light is reminiscent of a Hollywood dressing table, oozing a luxury yet refined finish whilst impressively illuminating your space. Suspend the extraordinarily modern Air 73 pendant in a welcome to upscale a hotel foyer, or equally stun your guests as you watch the pendant dazzle above a large dining table. The Air 73 Pendant is a sensational design that is available in either a matt black metal or shiny nickel structure. Choosing the matt black structure would beautifully accentuate a monochrome décor, whilst shiny nickel would add an on-trend metallic vibe to your residential space. Provided with a 1.2m cable. This luminaire is compatible with six G9 bulbs - included.
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Air 73 Pendant Size

  • 6heads size:Dia90cm*H150cm/L35.4in*H59in
  • Air 73 Pendant
  • 8heads size:Dia120cm*H150cm/L47.2in*H59in
  • Air 73 Pendant

Air 73 Pendant Details

  • Material:  Metal,Clear glass
  • Light source: G9
  • Power:Max 5W
  • Weight: 3kg /6.6lbs
  • Finishes: Black,Gold
  • Glass Options: Clear
  • Process: paint
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We offer cable lengths 120cm / 47.2 ". Cable lengths can be extended as needed.
  • Air 73 Pendant    Air 73 Pendant
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