Colgante Aplomb Grande

  • diámetro 25cm
  • dia 35cm
  • diámetro 45cm
  • verde
  • naranja
  • negro mate
  • blanco mate
  • gris mate

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Aplomb Pendant Large

The Aplomb pendant lamp from KiKi Lighting is designed in 2010 by an Italian design studio Lucidi & Pevere. The lamp is made of concrete which is an important part of the modern architecture. Aplomb uses this material in an innovative kind of way. Hang the lamp on its own or use several lamps as a composition at different heights. Aptly named, the Aplomb Pendant ensures precise lighting, its concrete shade pulling the cable taut and lighting the room with a strong and handsome presence. The Aplomb Pendant is singularly industrial, using light to place a conventional material like concrete in an unconventionally elegant context.

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Aplomb Pendant Large Size

  • Small size: Dia 25cm x H 17cm/Φ 9.8″ x H 7″
  • Medium size: Dia 35cm x H 17cm/Φ 13.8″ x H 7″
  • Large size: Dia 45cm x H 17cm/Φ 17.7″ x H 7″
  • Aplomb Pendant Large

Aplomb Pendant Large Details

  • Material: Resin, Aluminum, Polycarbonate
  • Light source: LED chip
  • Power: Max 12W
  • Weight: 2kg / 4.4lbs
  • Process: Mould,
  • Finishes: Matt White,Matt grey,Matt black, Green, Orange,
  • We offer cable lengths 150cm/59". Cable lengths can be extended as needed.
  • Aplomb Pendant Large    Aplomb Pendant Large
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99999 Artículos

Ficha técnica

sizeDia 25cm
Dia 35cm
Dia 45cm
colorMatt White
Matt black
Matt grey
lightCold white
Warm white

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